Mobile Wallet

Official Mobile Wallet for Nano

Any good cryptocurrency should have its own mobile wallet, and Nano is no exception. As a customer or a merchant, payment tools should conveniently fit your lifestyle, or the way you do business. The official mobile wallet for iOS and Android are currently in beta. If you have an Android device, you may opt-in to the early access program directly through Google Play. iOS users may request a beta invite at this link.

Watch the iOS Beta Wallet in Action

Canoe Cross-Platform Nano Wallet

Canoe Wallet ScreenshotCanoe, a third-party team of developers, has also been working on an open-source GUI desktop and mobile wallet. It is cross-platform and currently in beta for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS.

Using a mobile wallet, you’ll be able to create Nano accounts instantly for different purposes (e.g. personal, business) or savings goals (vacation, house, etc.). All of the accounts you create, although with distinguishable addresses and balances, will be deterministically generated from your seed, which you should record for safe-keeping. Therefore, in the event that your device is lost or broken, you would be able to restore your balances using that single seed.

You’ll be able to instantly request payments from others who would simply scan the QR code with their own Nano mobile wallet to pay you the amount you specified. Now sending Nano is as easy as using Google Wallet, PayPal, Venmo or Zelle, all without the need to link your bank account or reveal any personal information.

Nano Blocks Wallet by Ben Kray

RaiBlocks iOS Light Wallet

Another third-party team led by developer Ben Kray, is working on a mobile light wallet for Nano on iOS. The project emphasizes on elegant UI/UX design, with Kray’s brother giving his input in this area of expertise. The wallet will support features including creating a wallet with a Bitcoin-style mneomic-seed, deterministically generating multiple accounts from a single seed, importing an existing wallet with a mneomic or 32-byte hex seed, and creating open/send/receive/change blocks. In addition, the light wallet will support biometric features such as TouchID on the Apple iPhone.

Check out the mockups on the project announcement here, and follow Ben Kray on Medium here. Kray’s mobile wallet has been branded as Nano Blocks and is progressing through development.