Payment Gateways

What every successful cryptocurrency needs for real world adoption is an ecosystem of payment gateway solutions that support various types of businesses. Ideally, payment gateways should offer integration options ranging from one-click “plugins” that plug right into hosted e-commerce stores, to services with advanced APIs exposed for the astute developer to build the custom apps they wish.

With Nano, the dream for near-instant, feeless payments worldwide is finally realized. There’s no application to fill out, credit checks or terminal rental fees to deal with. As a merchant, you’ll never need to wait for a disbursement from Visa or MasterCard again, significantly improving your cash flow. Even street vendors using the mobile device they already own, can easily accept electronic payments.

Although Nano transactions are “free” in monetary terms, they cost a small amount of computing power by design, to prevent spam on the network. Every Nano transaction (send or receive) requires a proof of work (PoW), which is a mathematical calculation that any sufficiently powerful smart device can perform. Some of the payments solutions below outsource the PoW calculation to a remote server for a fee, while others rely on your own smartphone, computer or web server to compute the PoW locally. You can find out more about each solution at the links below.

List of payment solutions for Nano

To be clear, we do not endorse the third-party services listed below and cannot be responsible for their actions. This list is simply intended as a starting point for research to evaluate what solution would be suitable for your business. Please do your own research and check out reviews before integrating a service with your site and allowing it to handle your funds.

Name – Supported Integration Methods – Fees

1up Coin – Nano donations for Twitch streamers, deposited to Nanex – No fees – Stripe-style payment integration – 0.5% fee – Payment button, WooCommerce, OpenCart, iOS app – No fees

RaiWire – WooCommerce, PrestaShop – No fees – Payment button – 0.5% fee, max 0.1 XRB – Payment button, WooCommerce, API webhooks – 0.7% fee, max 0.1 XRB Node API – RPC commands – $0.15/PoW, $0.03/call, $0.10/hour webhook URL